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You might have heard of the company Personlig Almanakk (Means personal planner). What they do is that they give you the opportunity to custom design your own planner. You choose everything from size, design both on the cover and inside the planner all by yourself. It gives you a lot of freedom, because you choose everything yourself. If you’d like you can even use your own pictures or collages on the covers.

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(Pictures borrowed from Personlig Almanakk’s Facebook page)

One thing that is exceptionally great is that you can even choose which month it starts in. So if you win you can choose for the planner to start in august just in time for back to school/uni, or if you have this year covered, you can choose for it to start in january. It’s all up to you!

You can also choose which language you would like your planner to be in.

This planner is perfect for people of all ages. Doesn’t matter weather you’re 50 or 15, in middle school or working your butt of  every day of the week, just customize it to your needs and start planning.

This giveaway will be up for exactly a week from today. It will end 23:59 (GMT+1) July 28th.

To enter, this is what you need to do:
-You need to follow Personlig Almanakk on Facebook (link) or Instagram (link) (username: @personligalmanakk).

-When you’ve followed one or both of their accounts leave a comment below telling me which of the accounts you followed, and your username so I can check. It’s important that you leave an e-mail address so that personligalmenakk.com will be able to contact you if you win.

I also recommend visiting their site so you can try customizing a planner to see how much fun it is and how many options there are. You can do that HERE.

The winner will be chosen randomly, and the winner will be announced here on the blog sometime on Monday July 29th.

May the odds be ever in your favor! Mehehe, just kidding. ;) Good luck!

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